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Synergy® by Weaver, Powered by Patented Coolcore® Technology

Oct 1, 2019

MT HOPE, OH – The Weaver Leather team is proud to introduce a full line of Synergy® by Weaver horsewear products designed using our patented Coolcore® fabric. This ingenious, versatile fabric stays up to 30% cooler than the horse’s body surface temperature in the summer while keeping your horse dry and comfortable in the winter. Award-winning and chemical-free. Coolcore® fabric offers the ultimate combination of moisture wicking, moisture transportation and regulated evaporation for the ultimate in equine comfort. Horse owners will love this 100% machine-washable fabric’s ability to move sweat away from the body while accelerating drying, providing a consistent cooling effect, and working to constantly regulate your horse’s surface temperature. Coolcore’s chemical-free design ensures the cooling and drying performance of these products will not wash out or deteriorate over time.

With a full range of cooling blankets, neck wraps, fly masks, sheets, hoods, hock wraps, and polo wraps, Synergy® by Weaver horsewear products powered by Coolcore® are designed to keep horses comfortable. Look for our complete line at or call 800-932-8371 for more details.