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Weaver Leather Announces Silvertip Halters Acquisition

Jan 10, 2014

Mt. Hope, OH – Weaver Leather is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Silvertip Halters. Known for its popular line of equine products like rope halters, leads, mecates and reins, Silvertip products are “Hand-Tied with Pride” in the USA and have a reputation in the industry for quality and performance.

“We are excited about the opportunity to acquire Silvertip Halters and are certainly committed to continuing to manufacture these products in the USA,” commented Weaver Leather President Chris Weaver. “Our craftspeople here in Mt. Hope, Ohio have gone through intensive training to learn the art of tying rope halters directly from former owner Judy Rose herself.”

As part of the acquisition, Weaver Leather now adds the following Silvertip products to their line of quality equine tack:

No. 95 Halters The best-selling, one-piece design made from 5/16" polypropylene 16-strand diamond braided rope with medium-firm lay that holds its shape

Loping Rope Halters Made from the same materials as above, these halters offer bitless riding with 8' solid braid split reins

Four Knot Rope Halters Hand-tied from 1/4" accessory cord, these halters feature two extra knots for added pressure points

Trailblazer Rope Halters Perfect for the trail, these 1/4" kernmantle rope halters fit comfortably under headstalls or pack neatly in saddle bags

Button Rope Halters Made from the same rope as the Trailblazer halters, these feature three knots on the crownpiece for precise adjustment

Leads, Reins & More A wide variety of Get Down Ropes, Mecates, Lunge Lines, Slit Reins and Roper Reins meet the needs of any rider

Continued Chris Weaver, “We see the market for rope halters growing and we are thrilled to be able to offer a Made in the USA alternative with a quality brand like Silvertip. We look forward to integrating Silvertip Halters into our operation and will strive to provide the quality, delivery and service our customers have come to expect from us.”